Qualogy Suriname consists of all sorts of people. Their education, for example, is very diverse:  Electrotechnology, Information Technology, Aerospace Engineering, Business Economics and Business Administration are just some of the courses. Nevertheless Qualogy employees have one thing in common: a huge enthusiasm to keep going until the desired result has been achieved. We will introduce some of them to you:


Caroline Bijlhout: Oracle Developer

‘Stressing happily’In college-prep (VWO) Caroline choose the economical subject set, with mathematics and economics 1 and 2. “That’s why I started Business Economics at the Anton de Kom university afterwards. An interesting course, which I finished within five years. My specialization was Marketing. In between I also took classes in Business Start-ups and Business Planning.”Read more…


Diana Persaud: Oracle Developer

‘Help to automate Suriname’Diana has always been a good student. In secondary school (MULO) she was the best of her year. “Even then I knew I would continue in engineering. I liked mathematics and physics best.” A boring teacher caused her to drop physics. “But after a transition year of physics at university I was able to enroll at the technical faculty, with the Information Technology orientation. I never regretted that.”Read more…



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