Here To Stay: QAFE

Are you tired of working with a multitude of systems, frameworks, and languages? Do you dream about a technology-independent framework for Enterprise Application Development that conveniently bridges back-end, SOA, and Web 2.0? And do you really want to cut costs and boost productivity? Then QAFE is exactly what you need!

Innovate and save money

Qualogy’s Application Framework for Enterprises (QAFE) has all you expect to find in a Framework for Enterprise Application Development. It dramatically increases development speed: imagine doing Oracle Forms Conversion in one third of the usual time needed! It is future-proof, thanks in part to technology-independent XML definitions. It is fully supported. And, last but not least, QAFE’s learning curve will make you smile.

Enterprise Applications made easy

We like to think QAFE is a dream come true for developers. But the benefits reaped on an organizational level can even be bigger. This is because QAFE not only manages to speed things up, it also seamlessly integrates with all traditional systems and databases. It safeguards investments. Both in hardware and software, as well as in education; QAFE simply doesn’t require you to master yet another language.


QAFE is great for business, fantastic for developers and, most importantly, it offers major relief for application users. After all, nobody wants to work with slow-loading pages that need constant browser refreshing. We sure know we don’t. And, based on our combined decades of experience in IT, we are willing to bet that you hate wasting time too.

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