Oracle ERP Applications


 One click of your mouse to gain insight in all information necessary to improve deployment of people, machines and capital in your organization. That is our idea of automation. That is also why we would like to introduce you to the advantages and possibilities of Oracle applications, to create a better understanding of your company resources and processes, to make them better and more economical. Does your organization aim to operate more efficiently or is your operational management in need of an upgrade? Choose the experience, the enthusiasm and the knowledge of Qualogy. We are happy to advise you to find the application with the best fit.  Our advice will be based on an analysis of your current ICT infrastructure, the opportunities and threats, and a thorough survey of the demands your future system should meet.  The complete assessment, including our recommendations, will be outlined in a detailed survey report. A valuable contribution to your decision-making process and an indispensable blueprint for projects to come.



Does one or more of your work processes show a peak? Do you temporarily need a true expert? Is a permanent employee not feasible? Qualogy is the perfect godsend. We can provide you with highly trained people, quickly available and effectively employable in every phase of your Oracle/Java automation project. See the Experts section for more information.



To effectively streamline the accounts receivable and payable, bookkeeping and wages administration, Qualogy relies on Oracle Financials. First of all our experts analyze your company processes, fine-tune modules like General Ledger, Receivables, Payables and Fixed Assets and transform the data flow to the correct parameters for the software being implemented. Your benefit from Oracle Financials? A completely reliable accounting system, perfectly supporting your flow of money.



Taking good care of intake, development and career of your employees requires a user-friendly and up-to-date HRM system. Oracle HRM aims to provide excellent overviews of comprehensive real-time management information, allowing you to optimally anticipate market developments and questions, while still keeping an eye on your long-term HRM policy. Employ Qualogy as a temporary consultant to investigate the HRM dimensions of your company processes. All of your employees will immediately benefit from the advantages of well-organized Human Resource Management!



Oracle Logistics supports marketing and sales activities and makes sure things like planning, product management and determining prices will run more simply, more accurately and more effectively. Do you also want to anticipate the needs and wishes of your customers with the correct services at the right time? Put Qualogy to work to completely automate storage, analysis, reporting and access to your company data, and you will get quick and clear insight in complex company processes. Well-informed strategic decision-making follows naturally.


Application Migrations

Performing migrations always balances technical possibilities, wishes and budgets on the one hand, and preserving continuity, ease of use and support within the organization on the other hand. That is why our approach focuses on capitalizing on the existing knowledge and investments, by optimizing current company processes and making sure users do not alienate from the new system. This guarantees that the result is always more than the sum of the parts.



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