Oracle, Java and Web 2.0

It is more than just a buzz word: Web 2.0. Definitions tend to vary, but technologists think of Web 2.0 as Internet the way it is meant to be: a service to the user. What started as a series of Rich Internet Applications (RIA) grew, thanks to platforms like Google Web Toolkit and Adobe Flex, into a new standard for online automation.

It has been a quiet revolution, but powerful all the same. Users do no longer expect a page refresh after sending a contact form. A whole new generation settled down at Creating, distributing and sharing information: it can be done online with the ease of a desktop application.

Modern coat

Enough reason for Qualogy to connect Web 2.0 with our Oracle and Java home base. Our customers benefit because they can give their users what they want: a robust back-office, wearing a modern coat. There are many advantages. Web 2.0 is also faster, it is no burden to the user’s pc (no applet installation needed) and works efficiently.


Call +597 450972 for more information on how your organization can benefit from the road to Web 2.0, or send an old-fashioned (1.0) e-mail to

PS: Google Web Toolkit versus Adobe Flex?

Qualogy Oracle Java Consultancy works with both Google Web Toolkit and Adobe Flex. Whichever platform you prefer today, we have the tools to construct a tomorrow-proof solution.


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