Application Hosting: Technical support on your application

You may ask companies to take care of cleaning your office or servicing your car. Why don’t you ask a professional to take care of your software too?

Software applications are critical for the success of your business. But they have to be implemented and configured, an administrator has to manage and support them, you need to take care of security and authorization issues and they need to be updated, patched and upgraded at regular intervals. All that takes a lot of time.

Software as a service

Qualogy Application Hosting can be the answer. We have more than 12 years of experience in hosting and managing applications for a huge number of customers. We do what we are good at, and you can what you do best. We guarantee your software is always available and up-to-date. You don’t have to invest in servers, buy software licenses or hire IT staff: for a monthly fee everything runs on our servers. We make sure the latest patches have been applied, you don’t have to worry about security risks. We focus on your IT, you spend your talent on your business.

Smooth and reliable

Handing over the day-to-day technical management of your business applications to Qualogy may seem like a big step, but you are certainly not the first. Many companies are already taking advantage of our comprehensive application expertise and reliable e-business infrastructure, designed to keep your mission-critical operations running smoothly and dependably. Your applications can be accessed anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day via a single URL, completely secured.

Reduce TOC

We can provide hosting solutions for any type of business. Standard packages or custom made applications, CRM or ERP, basic support or global deployments, everything is possible. Working with Qualogy puts the security, flexibility, and efficiency of our state-of-the art IT infrastructure behind all of your applications, helping your organization to keep up with ever-changing market demands. Our goal is to lower your total cost of ownership (TOC) across the entire application lifecycle, while at the same time accelerating your business.


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