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Spring Framework

SpringSource The new standard for business critical Java applications

Ever since 1997 Java, and in particular Java 2 Enterprise Edition (Java EE), quickly has become an important standard for business critical applications. In 2002 an extra de facto standard has been added: Spring Framework. It allows us to serve you even better, with lower costs.

Spring Framework is an open source software development framework. In fact it is a programming model running on top of good old Java EE (or other platforms). It adds a number of important advantages to Java EE, though. Performance, for example, has been improved for large numbers of records, and it is easier to (automatically) test the business logic.

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Service Provision

With the introduction of Java 2 Standard Edition (J2SE) and Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE), object-oriented programming became fully established. It provided developers with a complete set of standards, together offering a platform independent, scalable solution for component-based system development. Several years ago Qualogy already had a well motivated team of Java experts at its disposal. Their passion for object-oriented programming makes sure our customers gain maximum benefit from recycling, extensions and time and cost savings with all their Java projects.

Internet Solutions

Ordering products, viewing catalogues and doing business with customers, colleagues or suppliers: the internet makes it possible, anyday, anywhere. Not ’the sky‘, but growing use of bandwidth is the only ’limit‘. The Qualogy internet group connects your organization to database-based platforms, and makes internet and intranet information flows understandable and accessible. Simultaneously we augment existing automation with exactly those ingredients required by your system – and your customers. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Qualogy’s internet experts create optimally performing internet and intranet architectures, using various disciplines, in fluent HTML, SQL and XML, and fuelled by the latest technologies. User friendly systems, anticipating the individual needs and wishes of your contacts even better. We think that is thé basis for intensive customer relations, reducing operational or logistic costs, improving market segmentation and – in the end – increasing your market share.

Migration Skills

Your automation is at the heart of your company. Performing migrations is therefore work for experts. Our Qualogy migration specialists boost a wealth of expertise and practical experience, and map your wishes and possible options together with you. Our team of automation experts implements the migration project in a clear and result-oriented way, completely tailored to your organization. Our approach will protect previous investments, such as education and training of employees, and we will ensure the users will get acquainted quickly with their renewed applications.

Java/J2EE Migration

For a Java/J2EE migration we transfer the entire application system to a Java/J2EE architecture, while preserving the existing business logic. In this way you benefit – thanks to the open architecture and platform independency – from the best of all worlds: creativity, optimal freedom of choice and full control of your own applications.

Qualogy Mobile Solution

Do you need an office environment in which company data are available always and everywhere? The Qualogy Mobile Solution enables your organization to make available all information your employees need to do their work, in real-time, through any handheld. For example, employees in the field can register the transaction, the address, the price or materials used on a PDA. With their direct connection with the back-office they can subsequently handle proposals, draw up reports, or take care of invoicing while on the road. Implementing the Qualogy Mobile Solution in your business system will easily increase both your internal and external employee productivity, and will also generate considerable savings on expensive paperwork.

The road to the future

Register data directly in the central database, share knowledge with coworkers inside and outside the office walls, check stock information, analyze sales figures… Integration of speech, data and even video communication via IP in one single network guarantees optimal interaction between users. Qualogy has developed the Mobile Solution into a test system. Within this system we use WLAN, GPRS and UMTS networks and demonstrate various possibilities with mobile devices like PDA‘s, XDA‘s, Tablet PC‘s and Palmtops.


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