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Upgrading from Oracle EBS release 11 to 12

Future-proof with Oracle EBS 12 expert Qualogy

As support for Oracle E-Business Suite 11 (EBS 11) is being phased out, more and more companies and organizations face the choice: upgrade to EBS 12 or implement from scratch.

Toby Dieduksman, Qualogy consultantA globally operating offshore company in The Netherlands opted for the upgrade. “Every department working with Oracle will switch to r12, about 45 legal units in total”, Qualogy consultant Toby Dieduksman explains. Since the summer of 2009 around ten Qualogy consultants have been working on the migration to r12. Dieduksman: “After the upgrade, the company will be future-proof.”

Deciding between an upgrade or a completely new implementation of EBS 12 was tricky. Release 12 is an entirely different system with a totally new structure. It takes a lot of time, knowledge and effort to master it. Qualogy consultant Henk Halbe shares that experience. In January 2010 he started working on the migration from r11 to r12 at a major supermarket organization, together with several Qualogy colleagues. “I have gathered more than ten years of Oracle experience, but I had to go back to school for release 12, just like my fellow consultants.”

Understanding current processes

Dieduksman has an advice for companies that are about to move to r12. “Besides thorough knowledge of the new Oracle EBS 12 functionality, it is important that an organization fully understands its existing, current processes before starting the upgrade. Who does what, when and how? A migration involves employees from various departments. Purchase, Debtors, Creditors, you name it. That’s why it is important to collectively discuss integrated processes across the departments involved, for example from purchase request to payment. Cooperation of department employees can make or break a successful migration. Even more so if an organization is short on human resources, the project may at times trigger stress with some employees. Then it is vital to keep communicating and explaining why it is so important to supply certain information.”


Despite the radical differences with r11, Dieduksman sees many advantages with the new version. “While EBS 11 was predominantly aligned vertically, r12 is based on the idea of a (horizontally oriented) Shared Service Centre. The legal unit used to be addressed by a single responsibility. In EBS 12 it is now possible to cross entities with one responsibility login. That is the MOAC principle: multiple organization access control. Or in plain English: the Finance department employee who used to check balances and enter debtor invoices, creditor bills and payments for a single (vertical) entity, will handle the debtor and creditor accounts for multiple (horizontal) entities in EBS 12. In this way the new release will create several creditors and debtors departments for all entities within an organization. Because of this EBS 12 is more user friendly, the information is more up-to-date and the management will always have a summary of all company activities at its disposal.”

One-to-one transition

The advantages for the offshore company are not yet as visible at the aforementioned supermarket. Halbe: “There are still few functional changes for my client, because our task is to implement a one-to-one transition. Main migration reason is that another, comprehensive Oracle project which is being developed within the company can only communicate with a financial component running in EBS 12. That’s why many functionalities of r12 are not being activated just yet. First priority is to get the other system working properly. After that we can deploy the countless new possibilities of r12.”

EBS 12 expert

By now Qualogy can call itself a true EBS 12 migration expert. On top of the jobs at the offshore and supermarket companies, the ICT company from Rijswijk is working on a similar project at a large absence prevention company. Dieduksman: “Our experience is a crucial factor. All our employees can boast ten years of Oracle experience on average. Each and every one of them is a first-class specialist, from Project Manager to Technical Consultant and from Database Administrator (DBA) to Functional Consultant.” Which immediately prompts Toby to mention another big plus. “We offer one-stop shopping. With all our in-house expertise we can implement a migration project, the hosting ánd the helpdesk from start to finish. And for those who still have to make the step it’s good to know that we don’t need any warming up for new projects. We make a perfect team for r12 and similar migrations.”

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